Most of us know about all the changes happening around Broadbeach to facilitate for the coming up Games.  So we decided to dedicate one page of our website to keep you all informed of what`s going on around the area so when you come to visit us you can plan ahead specially regarding to parking and roads closure:

- From the 27th of February 3hrs Parking signs were place along Surf Parade and some of the side roads. Also some places used to be parking permitted now became loading zone or just not parking permitted at all. So be very observant of signage when you come to visit us from now on.

- From the 12th of March til the 25th of April Armrick Ave (the side of Bowls Club) will be closed in order to build the seats for the event.

- From the 19th of March til the 17th of April  Surf Parade will be closed from First Ave to Chelsea Ave. Only whomever hold a permit will be able to drive across it but no street parking will permitted during this period.

- Games will begin on Wednesday April 4th and ends on Sunday April 15th. Broadbeach Bowls Club and Soccer field will held competition nearly every day all day long so besides no parking at all we believe the streets will be very busy with lots of people so keep that in mind during this time.

We will try our best to accomodate you and allow a little extra time for each appointment in case you might get caught up. We are already very flexible with our business hours so if you need an extra late or early appointment don't hesitate to contact us. We will be also doing extended hours during the month of march if you'd prefer to visit us before all the roads gets closed. 

Keep in mind this is an opportunity of a life time for our community so try to make the most of it.  Lots of activities and entertainment will happen all over the Gold Coast it will be a very happy and vibrant atmosphere. 

If you decide to hang around we hope you have a great time and if you decide to go away we wish you happy travels and promise to fill you in when you get back :)