File & Polish - Nail file and your choice of OPI polish                             $25.00

Maintain Hands - Trim, File,  Push Cuticles, Buff, & Polish                      $39.00

Deluxe Manicure - Trim, File, Cuticles Push and treatment,

Exfoliation, Buff, Massage & Polish                                                        $ 55.00

Shellac Polish or OPI Powder Perfection ex                                           $ 15.00

Shellac Removal* - add to a manicure                                                    $ 10.00

Shellac Removal Only - File & Straightener                                           $ 25.00

Add Hand Renewal AHA Peel                                                                  $ 15.00 

Add IBX Nail Strengthener Treatment                                                    $ 15.00

Add French                                                                                             $ 15.00

*Shellac Removal fee will not apply to clients that had their shellac nails done with us.


Express Pedi - Trim, File, Polish (no soaking)                                                    $35.00

Maintain Feet - Soak, Trim, File, Cuticles, heel file & Polish                           $50.00

Deluxe Pedicure - Magnesium & Mint foot bath,  nail and cuticle care,

scrub, Mask, Massage & Polish                                                                      $70.00

Shellac Polish extra                                                                                       $15.00

Feet Renewal AHA Peel extra                                                                        $15.00

All Pedicures are designed as a relaxation treatment and we are focused 100% in one client at the time.

We take great pride in our services and higiene is our top priority. All our metal tools are autoclaved. Nails and heels files are disposables. We use disposable linen in our pedicure tubs. There is NO room for Cross-contamination in any of our services.

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